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Advocate for Individuals and Businesses in Diverse Florida Legal Matters

The Kaniuk Law Office is here to provide comprehensive legal services to meet the needs of individuals and businesses in Florida. Our practice includes representing debtors and creditors in bankruptcy, engaging in the full range of business and corporate legal transactions and litigation, representing parties in Florida real estate matters, defending homeowners faced with foreclosure, drafting wills and trusts and other estate planning documents, and working through matters related to probate and trust administration.

Below is a brief overview of our main areas of practice. Click on a heading for more detailed information in any particular area.

Bankruptcy – Debtors

We represent consumers in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 proceedings, helping individuals and families protect their home and other valuable assets while managing their debt and making a fresh start. Additionally, our office helps businesses restructure their debt and operations through a Chapter 11 reorganization, or wind down operations in an orderly fashion through Chapter 7. With decades of experience in bankruptcy matters, Ron Kaniuk is able to help you explore and understand your options, and assist you with obtaining debt relief through the means most beneficial to you.

Bankruptcy – Creditors

Bankruptcy is no time for a creditor to take a passive role and hope things work out. We closely monitor bankruptcy proceedings for our creditor clients and actively participate as necessary to secure their rights and see that their interests are properly reflected in a Chapter 11 reorganization, Chapter 13 debt adjustment or Chapter 7 liquidation. We participate in creditor committee meetings and asset auctions, and also engage in collections outside of bankruptcy or during proceedings after being granted relief from stay.

In addition to representing debtors and creditors in bankruptcy, Ron Kaniuk has also represented Chapter 7 Trustees in litigation against debtors, and against pre-petition creditors and insiders to recover preferences and fraudulent conveyances. Mr. Kaniuk has litigated hundreds of motions seeking relief from stay, case dismissal and/or conversion, valuation of property and 363 asset sales. This level of experience means that the Kaniuk Law Office is well-equipped to handle any matter related to your Florida bankruptcy matter.

Business and Corporate

The Kaniuk Law Office provides comprehensive service to corporate and small business clients, from entity formation to audit of existing corporate documents, and advice and assistance with the myriad of day-to-day business legal matters. Through our corporate concierge program, our office serves as your registered corporate agent and is available to answer your phone calls for a flat monthly fee. We provide general corporate representation on transactional and litigation matters, and hold special events for small business clients as well.

Civil Litigation

The Kaniuk Law Office provides strong, effective representation in the full range of commercial litigation, representing plaintiffs, defendants and other parties-in interest in business disputes involving breach of contract disputes or business torts alleging fraud, deceptive trade practices or unfair business practices such as tortious interference. With vast experience working with business clients of all sizes, our office is well-situated to provide practical advice, pre-trial litigation strategy and settlement negotiations, as well as courtroom representation.

Real Estate

Our real estate practice encompasses the full range of residential and commercial real property transactions and litigation, including purchases and sales, rentals and leases, refinancing, landlord-tenant matters, and more. From title insurance to closings, the Kaniuk Law Office is with you at every step of your real estate transaction, helping to see that your significant investment of time and money pays off in the end.

Foreclosure Defense

Ronald Scott Kaniuk has extensive experience representing homeowners facing foreclosure. During the height of the foreclosure crisis, he was a partner in a state-wide firm representing homeowners in foreclosure defense and consumer bankruptcy cases, helping individuals and families fight wrongful foreclosure actions and negotiate mortgage modifications, short sales, refinancing and loan workouts to create a positive outcome from a negative situation.

Wills & Probate

We take the time to sit down with you and explore your needs and desires for the future. We craft customized, individual estate plans designed to meet your unique needs and goals, with the right combination of wills, trusts, and health care proxies to make sure you are taken care of during your lifetime, and that your wishes are fulfilled after you are gone. Our probate practice helps to see that all estate planning documents are given effect in a smooth and orderly process of estate and trust administration.

Condominium/Homeowners Associations

Kaniuk Law Office is available to assist community associations with the myriad legal issues which confront them on a daily basis. We assist condo associations and HOAs in collections and foreclosures, development or interpretation of master leases, declarations and bylaws, enforcement of CC&Rs, resolution of complaints, representation at board meetings and more.

Other Legal Issues

The Kaniuk Law Office is here to serve you and help you meet all your legal needs. We encourage you to come to us with your legal matter, and let us determine how we can help. If your needs fall outside the scope of our legal practice, we will be happy to refer you to a qualified, trustworthy attorney who excels in the type of law which fits your particular issue. Over the years, Ron Kaniuk has fostered a trusted network of attorneys and other professionals whom he knows he can turn to when the need arises. Whether your issue involves immigration, family law, criminal defense, employment law, personal injury or another legal matter, if we can’t help you, we are pleased to put you in touch with an attorney who can. Just call us.

Whether seeking a referral or a complimentary case evaluation, call the Kaniuk Law Office at 561-292-2127.

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